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Source tourisme-gironde-cg33
Source tourisme-gironde-cg33

 Located in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, The Entre Deux Mers, famous for its wines, is also well known for its very rich architectural heritage, with abbeys, walled towns, mediaeval cities, not forgetting the « bicycle resort » of Créon!


The Entre deux Mers is an area rich in history, fine food and tourist attractions (“Bastides” , Malagar (François Mauriac family house, Toulouse Lautrec’s Château, Château de Duras, the Romanesque abbeys of St-Ferme, Blasimon and La Sauve Majeure…) and next to Saint-Emilion (25 km), UNESCO world heritage site, and Sauternes, and close to Bergerac (50 mn)


Secret area and probably the richest heritage tourism in the Bordeaux region, the “Entre-deux-Mers” area keeps traces of all past generations.

The Romans settled here (Quitus left his name to Quinsac and Tabanus to Tabanac.

Charlemagne established his army at The “Mont des Lauriers” (Lormont).

The pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela, progressing on the path have found shelter in the Benedictine Abbey (Blasimon, La Sauve Majeure, Saint-Ferme…)


Some pretty medieaval towns (Rions, Sains-Macaire, Castelmoron d’Albret which is the smalest municipality of France with an area o 4 hectares), “Bastides-towns" (Créon, Montségur, Sauveterre, Blasimon.....), fortified houses and mills, attest that in The Middle Ages, this area was densely populated, prosperous and coveted.